Monday, August 3, 2009

Back home

Well a month in Hawaii flew by. I had an absolute blast and really feel that I improved my sailing. However, the bigger supprise is in my prone surfing. I had been doing standup paddle surfing fairly consistantly for the past year, but in Maui I only had regular surfboards. After about 15 surf sessions in Maui I am consistantly catching waves on a 7'6" and looking to go smaller :)

As for the windsurfing the last 3 days I spent in Maui provided strong winds and a North Swell. The best day provided waves that were well over head high. Epic for NJ but just a good summer day out there.

Robby Naish showed up and was absoutly ripping.

My jumps arn't nearly as impressive.


Andy said...

Sweet- nothing like consistent conditions to help you improve a bit...

Gonna make it back to Hatteras this fall?

Josh said...

Yeah man. I'm planning a trip for the first weekend in November. Mabey you can help me figure out why I keep landing on my butt while looping. I don't think i'm bearing off the wind enough.

George Markopoulos said...

Welcome back Josh. Hope it wasn't too painful for you to get back into east coast life after a month in maui. I know I'd have a tough time